Feed pellet dryer machine

  • Minimum order:1
  • FOB Price : USD $5,000.00 / Piece
  • Place of Origin:China

Feed pellet dryer machine https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/product/fish-feed-dryer-machine/

Fish feed pellet dryer machine is a kind of belt type hot air dryer machine, it\'s an important components in the feed pellet production line. we also supply stainless steel belt dryer machine for fish & pet food drying. This dryer machine could reduce the mositure of pellet quickly due to its multilayer belt circle round design.it\'s durable and good temperature conductivity which is also propitious to drying the feed pellet.


1.The pellets is safety moving without vibration or impact during the drying process, which can keep the complete shape of the pellet and not easy to be crumbled.

2.This dryer machine is suitable for variety materials such as pellet ,grains etc ,because of its high drying speed and low drying time. Widely used for drying feed pellet, grains, etc.

3.It\'s small power consumption,easy installation and maintenance.

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