Superda Electrical Enclosure Production Machine

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Minimum order:1
  • FOB Price : USD $69,000.00 / Piece
Automatic power distribution box & electrical enclosure production line manufacturer for 150-400mm depth electric enclosure forming and bending process.

Automatic Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel Enclosure Box Production Line

Product specifications: height adjustable 300-1200mm, depth adjustable 160-400mm.


Electrical enclosure Production machine technical parameters

Item Technology parameter
Material Material cold-roll strip,galvanized steel strip
Thickness 1.0-1.5mm(base on 1.5mm design, when T.1mm effect alittle not good as 1.5mm)
Coil Inner Ф360—Ф510
Process Form Speed 0-13m/min
Length Not limit
Quality Length Precision L≤1000mm:±0.5㎜


L≤1000mm,Bend no more than 1mm;Deflection no more than 2mm
Forming size As per design

Steel Enclosure Box Making

Uncoiler→ Straightening→Servo feeder→Hydraulic device→ Guide device → Roll forming machine →Bending device

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