STEM Building Set Educational Toys for Kids 119 in 1 Motorized Construction Engineering Kits Ideal Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 6+ Year Old,New 2021 (319 Pieces)

  • FOB Price : USD $19.38 / Piece
  • Minimum order:100
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Product Size:29*21*51 cm
Weight:0.7 KG
Outer box size:51*46*34 cm

NKOSC specializes in stem construction toys. This electric building set is given the construction of 119 different machines. Please note: this is a block to set with a motorized set that can be turned, not a normal stacking block toy. Each model contains its unique physical structure, allowing children to experience and perceive up to 30 different physical drives as well as the principle of leverage and more as they play with the building, so it is a toy that creates joy.

We promote the development of
1) scientific literacy: such as physical and geospatial sciences;
2) technological literacy: the ability to use, manage, understand and evaluate technology;
3) engineering literacy: an understanding of the technical engineering design and development process;
4) artistic literacy: the art of language, and teamwork; and 5) color art: contains 13 colors and exercises children\'s ability to perceive color and the aesthetics of things. Younger children (6-16 years) need to be more prepared in terms of intelligence, craft, color sense, and teamwork as this is a stage in their journey towards adulthood. This is a very crucial stage!

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