Strong resistance to trample PVC wire hider for floor cable raceway

  • Minimum order:10
  • Place of Origin:China
Place of Origin:Foshan-China
Brand Name:YouZhiJiaMei
Model Number:SW-30
Material:PVC-polyvinyl chloride
Thickness of the cover:1.5mm
  • Application:
    Floor cabletrunking cable racweway applicable to offices, workshops, shopping malls, classrooms and other places with exposed lines, equipment rooms, decoration companies, Internet cafes wiring, closed circuit monitoring, multimedia, LAN wiring and other wiring installation projects.
    1. The box shell can be reused, the slot cover and the base can be disassembled freely, which makes up for the problem that the box shell cannot be disassembled once it is combined in the market;
    2. You can choose three installation methods offloor cabletrunking, self-prepared glue, non-nail glue, expansion screw, product thickening cover, with adhesive;
    3.Cover trunking has various colors, such as light wood color, spade wood color, walnut color, teak color, mahogany color, off-white, white and gray, which can be randomlychoosed according to the floor color in the home;
    4. PurchaseFoshan Youzhijiameri plastic products Co., Ltd. PVC semicircle floortrunking, you can get 24 hours of exclusive customer service, one to one installation technical guidance.
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