DSHM-4 Proton Magnetic Detector

DSHM-4 proton magnetic detector is a weak magnetism measurement device with high sensitivity, which is made based on the theory of proton magnetic moment revolving freely in geomagnetism. The measuring accuracy is ±1nT, and the resolution is up to 0.1nT, fully conforms to the requirement in <Ground high precision magnetic measurement work regulation>. Its special big storage capacity, high resolution and flexibility can be widely used as portable, moveable and base-site magnetometer.

Main Function:

1. The configured special software can do relative pre-process to field survey data like smooth denoising, diurnal variation correction and mapping profile curves etc., so that you can do in-door evaluation to intraday work effect;

2. Quip professional magnetic data processing software to map isoline, plane profile graph or do forward and backward inversion explanation etc.

3.Its total geomagnetic field absolute value measurement ranges from 20000nT~100000nT, can be used anywhere;

4. Can be modulated automatically or manually in full range;

5. Measure the geomagnetism value automatically, which is especially convenient to the user who have no idea about local magnetism.

6. English operation interface, data is record and stored automatically, also timely display measured profile curves, simple operation;

7. USB2.0 communication port makes the data transmission to PC faster;

8. Can be applied to determine magnetic sample parameters;

9. Optional 1GB or 2 GB data storage and one group backup battery can meet long time measurement requirement;

10. Connect with GPS receiver externally, then can save point’s coordinate value;

Main Technical Parameters:

Data storage capacity: no less than data of 8000 points (if equip large capacity storage then the capacity can exceed 5 million readings)
Power: lithium ion batteries: 12.8V ~ 16.8V/5Ah, continue work more than 17h (in daily variation mode, typical reading interval is 10s).
Measuring range: 20000nT~100000nT
Resolution: 0.1nT
Measuring range accuracy:±1nT (total field absolute strength is 50000nT)

Gradient limit: ≤5000nT/m
LCD lattice: 192 * 64
Working environment temperature: -15℃ ~ +50℃
Working humidity: ≤95% (25℃)
Mainframe size: 220*90*200mm (L*W*H)
Mainframe weight: 2Kg
Probe size: φ74*150mm
Probe weight: 0.8Kg

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