stand cutting plotter

Supporting U Dick and Mac Os function(Can be individually according to your request)


1. Exact contour cutting function
Red dot positioning (Mark) for accurate contour cutting function;
2. Work independently without computer
Support SD card, work independently without computer
3. Paper roller and steel claw shaft Leading high-speed curve smooth cutting operation capabilities, precision and meticulous steel spike paper to ensure high cutting precision

4. Strong cutting force and low noise
High strong cutting force can cut high strength grade reflective film; soft landing cutting method,strong cutting force with low noise.

5. Advanced controlling system (motherboard)
High performance 32-bit processor with ARM Cortex-M3, supports all PC operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 32-bit and 64-bit processor and MAC OS systems, high-precision micro-step,segmentation, digital and intelligent protection driver;

6. Variety of output interface
Serial ports. USB port. SD card
7.High Capacities
8MB Memory, which won’t be random and crash when cutting large documents
8.LCD display and silica gel buttons
Blue LCD bottom screen, aesthetic red, yellow, green and blue silica gel buttons.
9.Precision mechanical transmission mode, ensuring high efficiency and high-quality transmission;
10.Luxury and elegant appearance, durable, practical and useful vinyl cutter.

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