Sihoo K36C Light Blue Kids Desk and Chair

  • FOB Price : USD $40.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:100000
  • Place of Origin:China
Sihoo K36C Light Blue Kids Desk Chair
The three-proof mesh cloth is easy to clean, water-proof, oil-proof and anti-fouling. It is carefully selected for children\'s skin. It is the favorite of mothers. The original styling cotton has high density and strong resilience. The saddle-shaped design fits the child\'s thighs, the force is even, and every part of the buttocks can be supported in place.

Component Material of Sihoo K36C Light Blue Kids Desk and Chair

PP+ fiber material back shell, original shaped cotton, three-proof fabric, waterproof, dirt-proof and dustproof, adjustable up and down angle, non-air pressure sliding adjustment height of the seat back, seat depth can be adjusted synchronously, fit the curvature of the human spine, release pressure.

Seat Cushion

PP+fiber material seat shell, original shaped cotton + latex cotton, three-proof fabric, non-air pressure adjustment height.

Chair Leg

64.5*55.5CM high-strength PA+30 fiber chair leg, passed the 102KG impact test.


ABS backrest integrated armrest, delicate touch, easy to adjust and relax your arms.


Exquisite gravity brake silent PU chair wheel, silent, shockproof, not hurting the wooden floor, wear resistance and flexibility are 50% higher than ordinary chair wheels, the brake function will be activated after the wheel bears 20-23 kg.


Use the original styling cotton, which is delicate and soft to the touch, long-lasting elasticity; very good resistance, not easy to deform, and no peculiar smell;

(1) Chair back: Made of native white special-shaped shaped cotton, density is 65, hardness is 45;

(2) Cushion: using native white shaped shaped cotton + latex cotton, density is 65, hardness is 50.


Polyester three-proof fabric; it is waterproof and dustproof, colorful and fast Refreshing and skin-friendly touch, making comfort and purer.


The back steel pipe, seat bracket, etc. are made of Q235 steel, and the surface is made of high-temperature baking gray paint (420C), which is rust-proof, stable and durable.

Chair Cover

Polyester three-proof fabric; waterproof, dirt-proof and dust-proof, bright color and non-fading, toughness and tensile resistance, abrasion resistance, decay resistance, high temperature resistance and UV resistance, non-toxic, strong air permeability, long service life, Refreshing and skin-friendly touch, making comfort and purer.

Parameters of Sihoo K36C Light Blue Kids Desk and Chair
Item No K36C Backrest Height (off the seat) 44-47CM
Seat Height (off the ground) 33-52.5CM Backrest Width 42.5CM
Seat Width 45CM Backrest Thickness 5.5CM
Seat Depth 39.5-45.5CM Backrest Adjustable Height Range 3CM
Package One Piece/Carton Seat Cushion Tilt Angle 4.5°
Package Size 65cm*57cm*54CM Overall Height (off the ground) 74-96.5CM
Net Weight 17.16KG Overall Length 57CM
Gross Weight 19.94KG Overall Width 65CM

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