Sihoo M59B Grey Ergonomic Compact Conference Room Chair

  • FOB Price : USD $40.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:100000
  • Place of Origin:China
Sihoo M59B Grey Ergonomic Compact Conference Room Chair
1. Full mesh design;

2. Saddle-shaped cushion;

3. Foldable armrest;

4. 330PP high-strength chair leg.

Component Material of Sihoo M59B Grey Conference Room Chairs

The whole chair is made of PE+polyester special mesh, with bright colors, no fading, strong tensile strength, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, decay resistance, chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance and UV resistance, strong air permeability, and service life Long and other characteristics.


made of PA6+30GF material, sturdy and durable, made of PE+polyester special mesh.

Lumbar Pillow

made of PP+15GF material, which can be adjusted up and down.


movable PA6+20GF armrest frame, PU armrest surface, adjustable up and down.


cold-rolled mechanical tension spring, mechanical steel multi-function mechanism, adjustable lifting, adjustable back tension, with original gear locking function.

Chair Seat

The seat shell is made of PP+30GF material, and the mesh fabric uses dragon pattern back mesh fabric, which is sturdy and durable.

Gas Spring

mainly made of steel, passed the American BIFMA test, three-level air pressure rod, 85mm lifting stroke sinking 60mm.

Chair Leg

330PP high-strength chair leg.


Silent non-slip white PU chair wheels, smooth and dull edge of the chair legs, handy, silent and scratch-resistant floor.

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