Silicone oil filling machine Auto Production Line Equipment

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Power:380V/50Hz
  • Weight:800kg

SS101 Silicone oil filling machine

Auto Production Line Equipment Automobile Equipment


First use vacuum pump to make container vacuum, then use high pressure hydraulic pump to add high viscosity 6×106 cps silicone oil press into container, then clear tube, to make it accurate

Technical parameter

1. Drive mode: hydraulic/pneumatic

2. Electrical control mode: PLC or others

3. Vacuum degree: 5mbar

4. Filling pressure: 300bar

5. Oil tank: 10L stainless high pressure, heat preservation oil tank

6. Temperature range:50-80℃

7. Filling speed:70-130g

8. Filling precision: 1%


1. Use vacuum, fix value filling
2. Viscosity Range Centipoise is 6×106 cps fluid filling

3. Filling tube clear function, reach the highest life time of the tube.
4. High pressure oil tank directly heating, add pressure, make full use of heat.

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