Engine oil filling machine Auto Production Line Equipment

  • Place of Origin:China
  • Power:380V/50Hz
  • Weight:800kg

SS103 Engine oil filling machine

Auto Production Line Equipment Vehicle Equipment

Filling principle

Engine oil filling machine is suitable for the parts that need filling butter for example: automobile parts assembly line axle, wheel hub, bearing, seal ring etc. It is usually use electrical to control hydraulic system or pneumatic system to drive piston pumps to achieve high pressure butter transmission and output value adjustment.

Technical parameter

1. Drive method: hydraulic/pneumatic

2. Electrical control method: PLC or other control

3. Output pressure: 0-36MPa

4. Output displacement: 0-4L/min

5. Filling mode: cylinder volume/flow meter(filling machine with stable volume)

6. Filling precision: 3-10%(filling machine with stable volume)

7. Filling gun: manual gun

8. Filling head: depends on refill containers structure

9. Work pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

10. Max exhaust : 1000 L/min

11. Appropriate medium: calcium base or lithium base fat

12. Oil volume: 5 gallon or 55 gallon


1. It uses double pillar lifting mechanism, achieve piston pumps and platen auto rise and drop.

2. It can be controlled by PLC, or add oil by manual.

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