Bernoulli's Principle Training Unit Hydraulic Bench

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ZM2121 Bernoulli's Principle Training Unit Hydraulic Bench

Bernoulli's Principle Training Unit cw Hydraulic Bench, another name i.e. Reynolds Training Unit Cw Hydraulic Bench, also called Venturi meter checking experiment equipment. Advanced type with configuration software.
II. Experiment
1. It is suitable for engineering fluid mechanics(hydraulics) teaching experiment.

2. It can do the following experiment

Reynolds experiment

Bernoulli experiment

Frictional resistance experiment

Local resistance experiment

Venturi meter checking experiment.

III. Technical specifications
2. Renault tube: length 1100 mm, inner diameter φ14 mm, organic glass.

4. The frictional resistance pipe: length 1100 mm, inner diameter φ14 mm, organic glass, the distance between the two pressure points: 800 mm.

8. Metering tank: transparent organic glass, outside wall with a measuring scale.

9. The water tank: organic glass, about 40L, with indicating liquid box, indicating liquid in red ink.

10. Water storage tank: about 60L volume, PVC plate welded.

11. Fluid, water used in the experiment designed for full cycle.

12. Other: pipe, valve and circuit control system, The overall framework: stainless steel material.

13. Overall size: 1500×550×1600 mm.

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