Drilling Carving Machine

  • Place of Origin:China

ZP6104 Drilling Carving Machine

I. Function
1. Realize automatic matching chemical plate making drilling
2. Realize the physical sculpture ones. Can carve double panel
II. Structure
1. Mechanical transmission mechanism of X, Y, Z is using linear guide rail, the slider preloaded device, ensure the slider no clearance
2. Whole machine structure and the aluminum parts, whole milling flat, smooth surface, guide rail support stability
3. XYZ the axis is using German imported ball screw, smooth movement, carving high precision, small vibration whole machine tools
4. Spindle motor: 300 W water-cooled frequency conversion motor, 0-60000 R/MIN, stable life is long, ensure the communication work more than 10 hours motor don't burn.
5. PCB installation: special fixture card installed, easy to use, can also drilling 5 blocks, rather than through the double-sided adhesive stick.
III. Technical parameter
1. Control method: high speed digital signal processor (DSP)
2.Can pass a computer control more than two sets carving machine
3. USB interface way
4. PCB file storage ways PCB \ Gerber

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