High Speed Directional Control Pulse Punching Metallized Equipment

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ZP6105 High Speed Directional Control

Pulse Punching Metallized Equipment

I. Structure
1. Using special high-speed reversing pulse electroplating power, provide uniform quality coating quality.
2, Full ABS engineering plastic airframe and internal channel, corrosion seismic resistance to high temperature, beautiful and easy process.
3. Environmental protection black hole process application, no pollution can be directly emissions.
4 Cathode swinging technology, prevent the concentration gradient, increase the inner hole solution liquidity.
II. Technical parameter
1. Four slot structure, has pickling, soaking conductive adhesive, activation, electroplating function.
2. Use transparent clamshell function, it is convenient for observation and save.
3. Maximum board area: 400 x 400 mm.
4. Smallest aperture: 0.3 mm
5. Maximum thickness-diameter ratio, 5:1
6. Output frequency: 0-2 kHz adjustable (can transform for DC power)
7, Output current: positive 0-5 A, reverse 0-20 A adjustable
8 Pulse width: the pulse reversing the power supply, positive 0-100%, reverse pulse width 0-100% alone can be adjusted
9. Constant pressure constant current: current or constant voltage automatic adjustment function, to the current real-time measurement shows two
10 Time setting: work time a predetermined function, the remaining time show and then to be automatic power alarm prompt
11. Screen shows: 6 inches big screen color LCD all working parameters

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