Automatically Circuit Board Polishing Machine

  • Place of Origin:China

ZP6109 Automatically Circuit Board Polishing Machine

I. Introduction
1.Usage: copper-clad plate, aluminum plate, stainless plate, PVC material metal, non metal surface polished treatment, it is usually used in making double sides hole, copper plating and galvanize, ink printing pretreatment etc.

2.Function: brush up and water spray, rubber covered roller water uptake, with delivery function.

3. Destination board width: 60cm, Destination board thickness: 0.5mm~6mm.

4. Driving motor:0.4KW, driving speed:0.2M~6M/min, continuously viable, drying fan: low noise fan:0.75KW×2set, heating power: 8 ea 0.5KW heating tube.

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