Silk Wire Mesh Dryers

  • Place of Origin:China

ZP6116 Silk Wire Mesh Dryers

I. Introduction
n Fan with forced convection and natural convection function, it meets different experiment function.

n Usage: it is for drying silk wire mesh plate ink.

n Capacity: it can preset dryer temperature and display it, with temperature adjust function.

Temperature range: R.T~300℃

Temperature natural convection:±0.5℃

Max temperature: 20min

temperature departure:±3℃

temperature display mode: measurement and setting temperature digital display

temperature sensor: industrial resistor(PT100)

Shell material: rust-proof treatment cold-roll steel sheets electrostatic spray

Inner material: galvanized sheet

Inner door: thermo stability toughened glass

thermal insulation material: AGM

door seal: environmental silicon rubber bar

heater: nickel-chromium electric heater

inner box dimension:D1000mm×W800mm×H1000mm

Power: 4kw

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

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