Tin Lead Plating Machine

  • Place of Origin:China

ZP6117 Tin Lead Plating Machine

I. Introduction
1.Double sides, multi layer circuit board etc. non-metal material double side drilling hole protection.

2.Full ABS engineer plastic machine and inner groove, antiseptic, anti high temperature, anti vibration, technology flow is good, outlook is beautiful.

3.★Cathode oscillation technology, prevent concentration gradient, add hole liquid flow. Swing time:3-5 times/minute.

Technical specification:

4.★Max panel:400×400mm, it can electroplate for 5 boards at the same time.

5.Minimum hole:0.6mm

6.Max thickness diameter ratio, 3:1

7.Output voltage:0-15V,adjustable continuously

8.Output current:0-20A, adjustable continuously


10 ★With 2 groove, one is for tin-lead plating, the other is for quit tin-lead.

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