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The embossed ceramic frame design features colors of coffee, mint, and black color with specific patterns and motifs on the border. The easel-back picture frame lets you conveniently display your photo vertically, and the pretty color of the embossed ceramic frame design will catch the eye as much as the photo itself when set out on a shelf or end table.

The frame is not only a home accessory that keeps the memory alive but also a great gift for housewarming, birthday, holiday. Tianning ceramic frame manufacturer provides a perfect place to store your precious memories and remind you of the place you have been and the person you won’t ever forget.

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In today\'s boom in e-commerce, we have not only established our own online e-commerce business, we have also enabled top sellers to establish online businesses on Amazon, shopify and Big C. At the same time, our products are approved by FSC, and our products are sold all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Our long-term cooperative commercial agents or importers are harbortown and Hobby Lobby, etc. Our long-term partners include Fortune 500 groups such as Walmart, Target, TJ MAXX, etc.

Characteristics Of Ceramic Picture Frame
The frames for ceramic tile art can fit perfectly with your home decor items such as porcelain, indoor plant, tea-wares or boxes etc. Bringing the beauty and tranquility atmosphere into your home by its crispy hues and matte surface. Our pseudo ceramic technique makes the same texture as real one while saving the cost and less the fragility of the frame.

What Do You Use To Repair A Ceramic Picture Frame?
The way to restore frames for ceramic tile art is just like many other ceramic items. The first step is to mend the broken pieces with epoxy resin adhesive. After restoring the whole structure of the frame, filling the holes, and breaking lines with the same material as the ceramic frame. Finally, color the restore part with the same color as the surrounding tunes.

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