ZFB189# Medium-Alkali Glass Fiber Cloth

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ZFB189# Medium-Alkali Glass Fiber Cloth


Glass Fiber cloth is compiled by untwisted direct roving with plain weave, is mainly for unsaturated polyester resins , vinyl resins , epoxy and phenolic resins , etc.


Suitable for fiberglass fabric, coated fabric glue , asphalt felt fabric , fabric duct , tarps and pipe wrap fabric , wall paste fabric , acid filter cloth, reinforced mesh and TV projection screen fabric and so on.

Technical Parameters

Model Code ZFB189
Concluding Alkali Medium alkali
Weight (g/m2) 018
Width (mm) 900


*Less Hairy

*High penetration speed

*Uniform thickness

*High mechanical strength

Warm Tips :

1,General conventional glass fiber filaments is 9-13 microns in diameter , glass fiber below 6 micron belongs to floats , can be sucked directly into the lungs, can cause respiratory disease, so you should pay special attention to six microns or less glass fiber cloth, is generally imported. The one who is under professional production operations must wear masks. If contact frequently, may be bothered into the lungs, causing pheumoconiosis.

2, if it is physically touch the glass fiber, people with allergic skin will occur allergic itching, however, generally speaking, it is not serious. It will occur small rash on allergic skin, please take some anti allergy medicine

3, if it is stick on clothes and difficult to remove, just pat it under wind for several times or clean & dry it


Each volume sets wrap a transparent plastic bag , then put into cartons. If you have special packaging requirements , we can offer in accordance with customer requirements. 1x20 foot container can pack about 10 tons

Shelf Life

12-24 months under the room temperature of 25C

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