304 316 316 316L stainless steel wire cloth

Material: 304 304L 316 316L stainless steel wire cloth

Type generally refers to " 18-8" (18% chromium, 8% nickel) most basic stainless steel alloy is,very suitable for mesh. Can be exposed to outdoor, and at ambient temperature up to 1400 degrees will not rust or oxidation.

And T-304 is very similar, the difference lies in reducing the amount of carbon, more conducive to knitting and re welding.

Type can be through the addition of 2% Mo to stability, T-316 is a " 18-8" alloy. In saline water, sulfur or the halide salt than other chromium nickel stainless steel is not easy to be corroded. Such as chloride is one obvious example of. Characteristics of T-316 the most valuable is that it has a stronger ability to resist creep in the risingtemperature. Other mechanical properties and structural characteristics of the T-304.

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