Mild Carbon Steel Perforated Sheet - The Most Economical Metal Sheet

Mild Carbon Steel Perforated Sheet
Mild carbon steel perforated sheet is created by punching a series of holes in a solid material. Holes can be round, square, rectangular, slotted, or decorative. It is available in wide range of hole sizes and patterns. The perforated pattern can be straight or staggered. It has an unpolished surface. To improve the service life or beauty, the surface can be galvanized or powder coated.
Material: Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, HRP, HRPO, etc.
Hole Type: Round hole, square hole, hexagonal hole, decorative hole.
Thickness: 0.018”, 0.022”, 0.028”, 0.035”, 0.049”, 0.062”, 0.083”, 0.109”, 0.120”, 0.134”, 0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.3750”.
Hole Size: 0.0270”, 0.0450”, 0.0625”, 0.0750”, 0.0781”, 0.0938”, 0.1170”, 0.1250”, 0.1406”, 0.1563”, 0.1875”, 0.2500”, 0.3125”, 0.3750”, 0.5000”, 0.7500”, 1.0000”.
Hole Center: 0.0500”, 0.0660”, 0.0880”, 0.0938”, 0.1”, 0.1094”, 0.1250”, 0.1563”, 0.1875”, 0.2188”, 0.2500”, 0.3125”, 0.3750”, 0.4375”, 0.5000”, 0.5625, 0.6875, 1.0000”, 1.2500”.
Surface Finish: Mill, galvanized, powder coated, painted.
Percent Open Area: 5%, 20%, 23%, 24%, 30%, 32%, 33%, 36%, 40%, 41%, 46%, 48%, 50%, 51%, 58%, 63%.
Width: 36”, 39.75”, 48”, 60”.
Length: 60”, 78”, 82”, 96”, 120”, 144”.
Perforation mode: Straight, 45°, 60° staggered pattern.
Reprocessing: Bending, rolling, welding, cutting or specified by customers.
Margin: No limit, general margin or special customer demands.
Surface treatment: Baking finish, dipping, galvanization, polishing, etc.
Economical. Mild carbon steel perforated sheet is the most economical material than the aluminum or stainless steel.
Colorful. Mild carbon steel perforated sheet has different colors for customer choice through the powder coated or painted.
Corrosive resistance. It can be galvanized for corrosive resistance.
Protection. Mild carbon steel perforated sheet can be used as protective perforated sheet, such as stair treads, balustrade, balcony railings or gates.
Filtration. It can be made to the filter pipes used in the oil, water systems.
Decoration. With the powder coated or painted surface treatments, mild steel perforated sheet can be made to the supermarket shelves, furnitures or other things.
Speaker grill. It can be installed on the audio speakers to filter the sound and protect the device.
Mild carbon steel perforated sheet with white powder coated is installed on the balustrade railings.
Mild carbon steel perforated sheet can be used as balustrade railings of protective perforated sheet.A outdoor audio speaker grill is covered by the mild perforated sheet.
Mild perforated sheet can used as speaker grills to filter the sound and protect device.

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