Protective Perforated Sheet for Security and Aesthetic

Three Types of Protective Perforated Sheet
Perforated sheet has different applications, such as the filter perforated sheet, decorative perforated sheet. Another important application is the protection.
Protective perforated sheet is well-suited for providing safety, privacy, or security while simultaneously adding aesthetic appeal to a building or property.
Material of the protective perforated sheet can be mild steel sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminum steel sheet or stainless steel sheet. Typical hole pattern is round hole. It varies sizes and spacings of the holes, which may vary your privacy and airflow.
Protective perforated sheet has various specifications. The perforated balcony & balustrade is formed from 0.080” to 0.125” thick sheet panel with the maximum width of 48” and height up to 120”.
Hole patterns
Sheet has round, square, slotted or other patterns you want. The round pattern can range in size from 1/8” to 4”, the square pattern can range in size from 1/4” to 3” and the slotted pattern can range from 1/8” × 1” to 2” × 4”. It has different colors by painted or powder coated.
The protection perforated sheet has different types and can be used in different places, now, I will introduce you for the common three types.
Perforated sheet fencing & gate
Perforated sheet can supply both the air movement and visibility along with the security. Heavy perforated sheets are a sturdy option with reduced visibility that explicitly cordon the area off for privacy.
It retains the higher tensile strength needed for security than the woven mesh fencing. Perforated sheet fencing can also supply the beauty by the different hole types and even picture designs are available.
It is long lasting. The perforated sheet fencing & gate can be made of aluminum steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel, and they can powder coated and other heat treatment, all these can assure the service life of the sheet.
Six piece of protective perforated sheet gate is install on the wall of a industry.
Protective perforated sheet gate can supply security and visibility.Protective perforated sheet and the railings is installed on the passageway and a train is outside of it.
Protective perforated sheet fence is installed in the passageway to protect peoples from falling down to the rails.Perforated sheet balconies & balustrades
Perforations not only reduce the weight of the panels, but also permit you to control the airflow, amount of visibility and sound levels at a location.
Safe. If there is only the railings on the balconies, it is not safe enough. In the crowded, largely populated areas or if there are children, it is easy fall down from the spacing. Perforated sheet can cover the space, so that it can prevent people from falling down.
Weather resistance. The perforated sheet with various materials and surface treatment can fit the extreme weather condition. It has high tensile to fight with the strong wind. It is ideal for plants balustrades in a large open areas. Besides, it can also protect your balconies from being blown over by the wind.
Unique designs. The perforated sheet can be shaped different patterns by the digital machines. It can create an artistic dimension and privacy where required, especially for the high grade residences, restaurants and other places.
Several pieces of protective perforates sheet is installed around the big balcony.
protective perforated sheet can protect the safe and let the air and sunlight in.A piece of protective perforated sheet is installed on the spiral stair balustrade.
Protective perforated sheet can supply the safety and beauty in the high class residences.Perforated sunshade sheet
Perforated sheet sunshade screen begin with 1/8” thick aluminum or galvanized sheet that provides from 10% to 50% open area. With a negotiable open area, the amount of sunlight let through can be controlled.
There are various patterns and styles of perforations to choose from. The sunshade screen has horizontal and vertical shading types. It can prevent the sunlight from different direction, it can also satisfy the different requirements of the customers.
Perforated sunscreens are available in different patterns or shapes and the materials allows for multiple color options and are suitable for powder coating and anodizing.
It can be shaped into different types which can installed in the entertaining, bedroom and even on the shading walkways, entrance and openings on commercial developments.
It can also be installed in the public storage area as the perforated sheet shelter. It can prevent the bicycles, motorbikes and scooters from being exposed to the burning sun.
Eight vertical perforated sunshade screens are installed on the window of the building.
Vertical perforated sunshade screen.Three horizonal perforated sunshade screens are installed on the roof.
Horizonal perforated sunshade.The walkway canopy is made of perforated sheet sunshade screen.
The perforated sunshade screen can be installed on the walkway to provide shade for peoples.Several perforated sunshade is installed over the park and several leisure desk and chairs under the sunshade screen.
The perforated sunshade screen can protect people from burning sun and supply the shade for them.A guy is sitting on a seat under the sunshade screen and another man is sitting on a seats under the tree.
Perforated sunshade screen is widely seen in the street furniture.A perforated sunshade shelter and three bicycle is placed under the shelter.
Perforated sunshade sheet can prevent the bicycles from being exposed to the burning sun.

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