304 Spiral Wound Gasket

  • Place of Origin:china

SUNWELL 304 spiral wound gasket is formed of V-shaped Metallic strip and soft non-metallic filler. Support rings, inside and Outside the spiral, improve the gasket's handing, fitting and Versatility.Depend on its excellent compression resilience, it is suitable for sealing spots where the alteration of temperature and pressure are frequent

Product Feature :

1 Spiral wound gasket are made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
2 Quick to install and remove
3 Temperatures from cryogenic up to 1000 C
4 Make spiral wound gaskets suitable for high pipeline pressure on flat or raised flange faces.
5 Combinations of metal strip and filler are selected to suit the specific fluid media and operating conditions.

Other Information :

1. Products are manufactured in accordance with all relevant gasket standards to suit flange designations: ASME B 16.20, ASME B 16.5, BS1560, ASME B 16.47 A (B), BS EN 1092, DIN, JIS, and NF, etc.
2. Color cord as ASME B 16.20 on request.


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