Pure PTFE Gasket

  • Place of Origin:china

Pure PTFE Gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape, V shape gasket and valve annulus.It has characteristics of high-temperature-proof,strong-corrosion-proof and clean. As a sealing element,it can be uesd in flange joints of various equipments and pipes in chenmical industry,foodproducing industry,medicine industry and so on.

Product Feature :

1. Acid and alkali resistant
2. Chemical resistant
3. Has minimum friction coefficient of all know pure material
4. Non-viscous, no aging
5. Now molds can be made according to customers requirements.

Product Specification / Models:

Apparent density: 2.10~2.30g/cm3
Tensile strength: 15.0Mpa
Ultimate elongation: 150%


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