GD1509 costume die cut flat bed cutter machine plotter

GD1509 costume die cut flat bed cutter machine plotter
super AO high speed vacuum cutter of steel belt
effective cutting range 1500*900mm
way of fixing paper way vacuum absorbing
driving material import steel belt
cut material red hard paper,plastic board,white board,kraft paper,fibre
cutting way drawing by pen,half cutting,whole cutting
cutting thickness 0.5-2mm
cutting precision less or equal 0.05mm
overlapping precision less or equal 0.05mm
resolution ratio 0.025mm
max speed 1000 mm/s
working time and character continous work,operating computer and cutting at the same time,linear high-speed transmission for data
transmitting port international standards:parallel port/RSC232 serial port
capacity of bufferarea buffer area of large capacity,it can finish high-speed transmission for data at a time
instruction set international standards:HP-GL or DM-PL form can be selected,it is compatible with all kinds of CAD software
numerical control board LTD,all-english operating menu,contact button
tool type special steel blade
pen type general signing pen,oil pen,ball pen
main structure cutting platform,hesd,driving system,control cabinet,control micro computer,frame,vacuum pump
voltage AC 220V±10% 50HZ
fuse standard 5A


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