KTH104 Mine explosion electronic telephone with 5km exchange line

  • Place of Origin:China

KTH104 Mine explosion electronic telephone with 5km exchange line

Product Introduction chinacoal05


To be used in bad condition :high noisy,heavy damp.such as electrical factory,coal mining, As the explosive , inflammable conditions with gas, coal dust.


1. can be amplified and radio call

2. Grading control mode, scattered power amplifier, high the system reliability

3. Can be connected with with PBX scheduling switchboard etc. many kinds of communication system interface

4. RACES have the anti noise performance, can be in 115 dB high noise environment clear on the phone

5.Has the call out of selected calling, group calling, function, between stations can be arbitrarily selected calling on the phone

6.Have shrinkage dial-up function; An intelligent of anti noise, enlarge louder, auto hung up , auto start up, unattended , all calling, group calling, duplex calling, , dustproof , waterproof etc. function

7. The calling stations is sealed up , can be installed in any bad environment

8. Has the linkage control function

9. Comply with ITU-T k. 20 standard of lightning and over-voltage protection performance

Temperature conditions:

1. Rate temperature: -20~+40°C

2. Rate humidity :≤98(+25°C)

3. Amplify belling level: ≥150dB

4. Communication : 5km exchange line

Main Parameter

Model KTH104
Max input DC voltage DC30V~DC48V
Max input DC Current DC30mA
Max bell stream voltage 40V(25Hz-1500Hz)
Max bell stream current 45mA
Input AC voltage 220V;127V
Belling Level ≥85dB


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