14ton Trolley type electric locomotive

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Chinacoal07mine electric locomotive

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14ton Trolley type electric locomotive

Chinacoal07Locomotive using DC electrical line, DC transformed to three phase AC by computer traction transformer, the voltage and frequency can be adjusted, which can drive two AC asynchronous motor, by reduction gear driving axle to tract locomotive.

The core parts of traction transformer using 32 digital DSP chip, fast speed with quick response.

Have good sticking and big traction.

Reliable AC electrical motor, with wide range of speed regulation.

Less cost for maintenance, can avoid ring fire and burnt compared to DC driving.

The products are suitable for transportation traction on the narrow rail for the field of coal, metallurgical industry, mining, forest, railway, road tunnel construction and etc.

Locomotive can be used elevation within 2000m, metal mine or non-hazardous area.

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