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Rich husk, consisting of inner glume and outer glume, possesses the length of 5mm-10mm, 2.5mm-5mm, with the thickness of 25um-30um, featuring golden yellow color, tawny color or brownish red hue. With the bulk density of 96-160kg/m3, rich husk will achieve a higher bulk density of 384kg/m3-40kg/m3 after being crushed. The higher the silicon content of rich husk remains, the harder rice husk surface will be and the stronger the abrasive resistance will last. Rice husk also contains crude protein and crude fat, both of which are the imperative elements of feed for animal growth. Rice husk pellets as a biomass fuel will ease the environment pressures caused by fossil fuel combustion. Comparing with the burning of rice husk, the burning of rice husk pellets is much more clean. The ash content is around 15 to 16 % when burning directly which will be largely decreased to 6 to 7 % when it is burned in pellet form.

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Rice husk pellet mill is a newly developed pellet machinery of our company. It is improved on the basis of the flat die pellet mill. Inside the machine, rollers and die are the most important components. There are two types of flat die pellet mills: one is the machine whose rollers rotate while the die keeps stationary, the other is that whose die rotates while rollers keep stationary.

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Rice husk pellet machine price/rice husk pellet plant professionally capable of processing rice husk into pellets which can be used as fodder for animal husbandry and aquaculture, for animals such as chicken, cow, house, duck, pig, goose, fish and shrimp. Within a rice husk pellet mill, steaming and curing and sterilizing are of paramount importance, apart from the above, puffing is also pivotal for forage processing, specifically, nutritional content of forage shall be given full play.

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The rice husk pellet mill price/rice husk pellet plant also called feed pellet mill and feed pellet plant respectively accordingly. Fote Machinery in the very beginning dealt in feed pellet mill and feed pellet plant, and then biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet plant were evolved from the previous. Therefore, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. holds solid confidence in manufacturing and commissioning both feed pellet mill and forage pellet plant as well as biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet plant with abundant experience in both projects.

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