environmental friendly waste tire recycling to oil machine with good quality

  • Minimum order:1

6 tons whole processing time

2 hours loading time(one time loading), 3 hours preheating time(plastic become oil gas time),14 hours oil come out, 1 hours discharging carbon black

8 tons whole processing time

2.5 hours loading time, 3 hours preheating time,14.5-15 hours oil come out, 1 hours discharging

10 tons whole processing time

3 hours loading time, 3 hours preheating time,15-15.5 hours oil come out , 1 hours discharging

Products usage

Crude oil: Oil from this machine can be used as industrial fuel for burning.

Carbon black: First,Carbon black from this machine is crude. You can sell it to the brick

factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe,

tire, cable and sealant companies. Second, could make further process, make carbon black

powder into carbon black briquette, use it for burning.

Environmental protection and Safety devices

It will including four parts: water, slag, gas, noise

Water include two parts, cooling water and de-dusting chemical water.

Cooling water, just temperature higher, no pollution.

Slag, it is by-product, we can also called it carbon black. Above has

mentioned the usage, please check it.

Gas include two parts, exhaust gas and smoke dust. Exhaust gas is Methane,

Ethane...these kind of gas are every easy to burning, here we make a special

design could recycling it into fire furnace, heating the reactor. Smoke dust, it

is generated from burning coal / wood. Through de-dusting system, it could

meet the emission standard of national requirement.

Noise: under 75db.

Safety devices

Our machine equiped with anti-clogging device, pressure gauges, alarming

system, safety valves, negative pressure device(vacuum device), oil-water


Usually our machine is working under normal or negative pressure. In case

of congestion, cause pressure, alarming system will ring, if no response from

workers, safety valve could release pressure automatically.

Negative pressure device could make sure our machine working under negative

pressure, more safety.

Oil-water separator could avoid oil gas go back to reactor, cause explosion.

After-sell service

We will send one of our engineer to your factory, instruct you install and testing the machine, help you training your workers.

Warrenty will be one year.

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