Rotary Dryers Advantages/Cement Rotary Dryer

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The rotary dryer is a device used for drying products that contain a quantity of water is too high for a subsequent processing or for final packaging. Used, for example, in food processing, in drying of pellets or wood chips used as fuel for domestic heating and industrial, in drying grain and forage that would otherwise deteriorate during storage, etc.. The dryer is composed of a rotating drum of steel with two openings: for the entry and exit of the product in process and for the entry and exit of the working fluid ( hot air ) required to run the process of drying. The processing is done in a continuous cycle, the product to be dried is injected and withdrawn when it has reached the desired humidity level. The dryer is suitable to dry the material proposed by 40-45 % humidity up to 10-15%. The design includes only the rotary dryer which must be completed by appropriate drying furnace and cyclone plus fan for proper operation.

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With the rotation of the material by the end of the cylinder gravity than the end of the run to. Wet material in the cylinder body to move forward the process, either directly or indirectly to the heat of the heat carrier, so that the wet material to be dried, and then the discharge end by a belt or screw conveyor sent. Contact surfaces in the cylinder body wall mounted copy board, its role is to copy them and cast materials, the material and the air flow is increased to improve the drying rate and to promote material progress. Heat carrier is generally divided into hot air, flue gas. After the heat carrier through the dryer, generally need to be carried by the cyclone gas trapped within the material down. For further reduce exhaust gas dust content, but also through the baghouse or wet dust collector and then put emissions.

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The main external structure of Cement Rotary Dryer/Rotary Dryers Advantages: mainly by rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and seals and other components. Lifting plate angle distribution and rational design, reliable performance , and thus high thermal efficiency, uniform drying; in order to control the temperature of the dryer, the configuration on the thermocouple out equipment , the temperature can be displayed by the thermometer out of the discharge end of the dryer changes to better control the operating temperature of the cylinder body (typically 350-380 degrees ) provided.

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