sulfate calcium for tofu

  • FOB Price : USD $500.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:2
  • Place of Origin:China
Food Grade Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate is chosen to supply calcium in food industry. Containing 23% calcium, the high purity above 98% and usual 99%, neutral pH filler, is a food and pharmaceutical grade form of calcium sulfate powder produced by grinding highly refined natural gypsum that contains about 20% crystal water. The molecular formula is CaSO4@2H2O.
Food Grade Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate meets the standards of the Food Chemicals Codex and National standard GB1892-2007.
The applications in food and pharmaceutical industry are wide and spread fast, the typical applications in food and beverage include beer, juice, ice cream, preserves, artificially sweetened jellies, canned vegetables, bread, Tofu, enriched flour, cereals, yeast foods, cheese etc. The typical applications in pharmaceutical include a diluent, medicinal coat, processing aid, excipient, a bedding medium for the facilitation of growth of beneficial bacteria, calcium supplement etc. Upon request, We will supply a continuing guarantee to customers using our filler. Each shipment is batch-coded to show the day, month and year of manufacture. Representative samples are kept for reference at our plant for at least two years from the date of shipment.


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