CNC Sheet V grooving machine

  • FOB Price : USD $41,500.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:china

The SVG thin sheet V GROOVING MACHINE made by our company is specially used in top-grade architectural decoration industry, which consists of worktable, beam and sliding framework. Back gauge (Y-axis) is equipped with servo motor, ball screw and liner guide. Pneumatic clamp will hold plate move forward/backward with high accuracy. V-groove cutting along the top beam (X - axis) is driven by inverter gear motor, cutting speed adjustable. The blade holder up and down (Z-axis), depth of V-groove, is controlled by servo motor, can reach high accuracy. Pneumatic front clamping system and spray cutting cooling system can make the cutting slot even and smooth.

● SVG-type v groove machine is an upgrade of the traditional V groover, the machine has all the advantages of conventional models, but also combines the latest international V cutting machine technology, meet the actual needs of domestic customers.

● SVG-type V groove machine with automatic back gauge feeding structure, beams fixed and working table can be replaced, completely solve the problem of the worktable surface deformation, ensuring the table surface flatness of ± 0.03mm. the .cutting accuracy is improved.

● extend the life of the V groover. Owing to the adoption of carbon tool steel table, hardness after quenching is up to HRC55-60, surface hardness is greater than the hardness of stainless steel plate. so table wear is less, and there are two faces can change. It completely solved the table deformation because of low hardness surface.

● improve work efficiency. Using powerful gear motor on V cutting, two high speed cutter + three alloy cutter, max groove depth can be up to 1.2mm thickness. Cutting efficiency than conventional models increased by 5 times. It’s the most developed V grooving machine.

I. Main technical parameter

1. machining thickness of sheet : 0.6mm-4mm

2. machining length of sheet: 3200mm

3. machining width of sheet: 1220 mm


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