Diesel Feed Pellet Machine

Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Introduction

Diesel flat die pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine, together with gearbox to change its speed. This diesel type feed pellet mill can run smoothly with little noise and is especially popular in the electricity lacking areas. Diesel feed pellet mill is capable to process corn, wheat, grass powder, straw powder,etc into feed pellets for rabbits, chicken, sheep, fish, shrimp and so on. It is especially applicable to medium or small size feed-process factory and farm-holders; while for large scale feed pellets prodcution, ring die feed pellet machine is your best choice.

Pellets-making Procedure with Diesel Feed Pellet Machine

1.Raw materials need to be crushed and dried.

2.Then mix the main material and many other additive materials evenly.

3.Put the powder into the chamber, then the roller presses the powder through the holes in the die to form feed pellets meanwhile a cutter in the other side of the die cuts the feed pellets that has been pressed out from the holes.

4.Make sure the feed pellets are cooled before the storage.

Feed pellets size ranges: Φ2.5mm, Φ3mm, Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm

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