Household Wood Pellet Boiler

Household Wood Pellet Boiler

Known as automatic biomass pellet boiler, household wood pellet boiler has been widely used for central heating and domestic hot water. It is a stand-alone, energy-saving device and mostly used for supply heat for hot water, it can also be connected with heating radiator to keep warm. Household wood pellet boiler is the necessity of house,bath center,canteen,college,greenhouse heating,etc.For commercial heating or warming,we are capable to customize commercial wood pellet boiler.

Merits of Household Wood Pellet Boiler

▷High heating exchanging ratio and heating efficiency of above 92% with less fuel compared to the common boiler.

▷Automatic burning. Adjusted thermal power,semi-gasification burning, avoids the disadvantage of no complete combustion.

▷Automatically feeding and firing. As long as feed enough fuel, the boiler can feed itself: 10 kg/time which can meet heating requirement in long time.

▷Small room occupation. Can be installed in buildings,villa and civil house.

▷Energy saving and zero pollution: 0.8-1.5kg/h for 100m2 .

▷Easy operation and installation,safe to use.

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