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In addition to these three grand-June Arts Festival activities will continue to carry out the Nobel cradle 70 to commemorate the anniversary of the victory of Anti-Japanese War series of activities. As sponsored by the China Education Daily, Nobel Cradle Education Group is the Hunan Education Association Professional Committee immature convergence organized the "Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial and the World Anti-Fascist War 70th anniversary of the" Youth Essay Contest has officially started. 2 to 3 September, the cradle of China Education and Nobel Essay Competition award ceremony will be held in Changsha.

Mid-June to the end of August, authorities will jointly carry out the Nobel cradle of Hunan Children speak Japanese hero story contest, the first round will be carried out simultaneously in the province's 14 cities and prefectures, and then by the Organizing Committee the semi-finals and finals. Nobel cradle chairman Xie Qing said: "give children a role model is to give children the best gift!"

In addition, Nobel cradle will organize teachers and students to tour the red revolutionary sites, led by teachers and students to Zhijiang Chinese anti-Japanese surrender to the visits. Children's Day to give the children the gifts it? This is a lot more headache for parents. "Now the family conditions are good, normally responsive to children, I really do not know what to send good." Many parents feel, today's children "hard to please", clothes, toys and more difficult to make children really happy. Experts advise, in fact, is to accompany the child the best Children's Day gift.


Major shopping malls, toy stores, playgrounds business is hot

These two days, Xiangtan Evening News reporter visited a number of shopping malls, supermarkets found, toys, children's clothing and other sales hot, a lot of maternal stores also launched redeem toys and other activities, young parents to purchase a holiday gift to children busy not music almost.

31 pm, in the construction of South Yuetang industrial markets, many mothers take their children to choose a gift. "These days are busy, on Monday affirmed overtime, to advance to prepare children holiday gift." Ms. Lee said.

"This time the business is really popular, high-end toys, popular with parents favor!" Industrial market a children's toy store owner, said Thomas, remote control airplanes, cars and other toys to become children of choice.



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