ZJ-217 Multifunction Fabric Pleating Machine


This machine is a special equipment for the pleating and hot setting of chemical fabrics and blend fabrics,having many patterns.The fabrics after processing are suitable for making various clothing such as pajamas,shirts,children's clothing,covers and all kinds of adornments.

This series can make combined bamboo leaf pattern and vertical pattern,bamboo leaf pattern,wave pattern and vertical pattern.With the help of conversion machanism,the machine can pleat combined pattern.It is devided into two kinds of function:1 type,2 type,which is in unique design,strong dimensional effect and special pattern.Contact us boyapleatingmachine (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m


Maximum Pleating Width:1600mm
Maximum Pleating speed:80pleat/min
Power of Motor:1.2Kw
Power of Heater:9Kw
Outline Sizes:3200x1650x1750mm

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