KTT105 Mine Party Line Telephone

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KTT105 mine party line telephones can be used in mine coal mine with explosive mixture environment.

Has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, use normal RVS plastic wire or network connection. Made of high quality aluminum casting, and sealing measures, has good moisture, dust, vibration, shock resistance, adapt to various working environment in mine.

KTT105 mine party line telephones technical parameter

1. Power : DC6V, four R20S type # 1 battery-powered

2. Ringing level : greater than 80dB (A)

3. Communication distance : ≤10km

4. Environmental conditions Ambient temperature:-5℃- +40℃;relative humidity : ≤95%(+25℃)atmospheric pressure : ≤80-106kpaEnvironmental Noise : ≤75dB(A)

5. communication distance : ≤10km,cable model specifications MHYV1*2*7/0.37.

6. cable model specifications : MHYV1*2*7/0.37

7. ringing level greater than 80dB (A)

KTT10 mine telephones party line structure feature

1. This phone contains chassis and handle ,two parts are made of high quality aluminum material, has good mechanical resistance and moisture corrosion characteristics.  

2. The phone "ringer" with moisture performance piezoelectric ceramic mounted inside the body, all electronics components are mounted on a printed circuit board connected with the body through the plugs and sockets, battery box located in the body.

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