sectional door operator

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Automatic industry door operator use:

industry door operator is applied widely to factory, storehouse and hotel etc., and featured with compact structure, powerful starting strength, safe and reliable performance.

Automatic industry door operator seriers:

We have many seriers of Automatic industry door operator such as KG50,KG50S,KG75S,KG200S KG400S,KG500S

Main features of Automatic industry door operator
Powerful starting torque.Compact structure and light weight.Thermal protection.
Protection class: IP54
Excellent sub-zero grease ensures quiet and stable operation, suitable for cold area.
Mechanical & electrical integration.
Wiring terminals for remote control, button switch, pressure sensor and infrared photocell.
Easy to set limit switch.
Pull down the red knob, the door can be moved manually. Pull down the green knob, the door can be moved electrically.
Semi automatic release mechanism ensures long life, safe and reliable.
A safety device is used to prevent the door from falling.
Comply with the industry standard of China 'Commercial Sectional Door Operator

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