automatic traffic barrier gate/boom barrier

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The automatic barrier series are used for parking lots, toll gates, goods yards, railway crossings, commercial premises, apartment block access and other applications.

The barrier is composed of driver, electric system, arm and bracket. It has protections of current leakage and electromechanical limit. The angle of barrier may be adjusted from 75to 90 degree.
DC303-2 Arm length: 6 meters, opening time: 7. 5 sec.
DC304A-1 arm length: 3 meters, opening time: 2. 5 sec.
DC315Y arm length: 3 meters, opening time: 1. 5 sec.
DC535Y arm length 3-5 meters and can adjustable, 3. 5 sec. Opeing time.

The control system is fitted with wiring terminals for ticket dispenser, remote controller, IC card and alarm lamp. In case of power failure, the barrier is supplied with an emergency release, which allows manual operation easily.

For control and management of parking lots, toll gates and more applications.

Sine lever drive mechanism ensures quick opening and closing of the boom with soft landing.

Oil immerged gear reducer.

The unique transmission system ensures higher output torque.

Auto-stop in the event of obstruction.Open (up) priority.

Powerful balance spring.

Self-locking in closed position.

Manual release handle in case of power failure.

Wiring terminals for red&green alarm lamp, loop detector and infrared photocells.

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