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Nameplate production design artistry

To make a good nameplate, mainly reflected in the nameplate artistic design, including design, color design, the nominal design and process selection. In nominal performance capabilities of the premise, the means of aesthetic and artistic point of view the integration process throughout the design. The use of technology, materials and other conditions, which fully reflects the beauty of the product shape and color the United States, the product has a significant artistic features.
1, the ratio should be coordinated design, aesthetics, and both scientific and economic, that percentage should shape it is easy to accept, and ease of processing.
2, the color scheme should be in conformity with the product performance, coordination reasonable and focused.
3, in the nominal design, the pattern should be unique, the text should be clear and beautiful, in line with people's habits.
4, the designer should understand the process of processing, which is an important factor in the possibility of working in line with the desire to ensure product design. Different processing techniques can produce different decorative effect, but some entirely different process, can also produce the same decorative effect. This requires a clear understanding of the designer artistic effect can produce a variety of technical means.

Stereo badge production process and materials

Production of three-dimensional badge badge production is the more common one. Stereo badge material is generally copper, zinc alloy, and then using three-dimensional mold stamping or casting, together with paint, imitation enamel crafts. Compared to other forms of insignia, the three-dimensional image of the badge is the strongest sense of badges, stereoscopic, more expressive. Such as common relief medallions, 3D badge, 3D medallions are relatively strong three-dimensional stereoscopic badges.
???????Stereo badge production materials are generally two types of copper and zinc alloy, wherein the zinc alloy is the most used one. Zinc alloy made die-casting process commonly used three-dimensional badges, die-casting process is short for pressure casting, the molten alloy was poured into a pressure chamber filled with high-speed steel mold cavity, and alloy solidification under pressure to form a casting casting method, die casting method is different from other high-voltage and high-speed. The three-dimensional badge with copper production generally use stamping process, stamping presses and molds rely on external force is applied to the sheet, strip, tube and profiles, etc., thus producing plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the desired shape and size The method of forming stamping.
Stereo badge biggest feature is the strong three-dimensional effect, especially suitable for a variety of coins, medals, medals. In some articles, also put some perspective badge (such as some of the tape adhesive or pins etc.) attributed to category nameplate production, but the production process is the same.

Production of zinc alloy badge, process performance zinc alloy signs

To make high-quality zinc alloy die-casting products, we must first understand the performance of the production process zinc alloy, zinc alloy material has its own unique special properties, it is usually in the production of high-grade badges, signs, nameplates and other complex technology products, must be used zinc alloy die-casting process. Chen Yu handicraft factory Cangnan with superb zinc alloy die-casting production process, and solid strength. Affordable zinc alloy plate, high-quality zinc alloy badge, in the peer industry has a unique advantage, in order to go on with our common prosperity, we have to continue to innovate in the future, strive to meet our customer requirements.
Zinc alloy is a zinc-based alloy adding other elements. Often added alloying elements are aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium and other low-temperature zinc alloy. Zinc alloy low melting point, good fluidity, easy to welding, brazing and plastic processing, corrosion in the atmosphere, disability facilitate recycling and remelting material; however, low creep strength, prone to dimensional changes caused by natural aging. Preparation of melting, casting or pressure processing to become useful. According to the manufacturing process can be divided into cast zinc alloy and zinc alloy deformation.
????The main element of zinc alloy with aluminum, copper and magnesium. Zinc alloy by deformation processing can be divided into two categories with cast zinc alloy. Cast zinc alloy fluidity and good corrosion resistance, suitable for die-casting instrumentation, automotive parts case Wait.
First, the characteristics of the zinc alloy
1. The relatively high specific gravity.

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