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Acrylic signs Jane Price

Acrylic signs due to the use of new acrylic material, which has common signs do not have the features:

1) strong visual impact. Acrylic material itself is smooth, transparent, beautiful, can be processed in the form of diversification.
2) Weather resistance: Panel coverage of high concentrations of UV absorber, can protect long-term weathering, never fade;
3) Durability: Built-light protection, extended service life of the built-in light source;
4) Impact resistance: the impact resistance of acrylic signs index is 200 times that of glass, almost no risk was crushed;
5) translucent: translucent up to 93%;

Production process


Laser cutting is a contact-free cutting methods, laser can cut a variety of patterns, characters, etc., technology is the use of a laser beam to the acrylic surface energy released is acrylic plate melted by laser cutting method can accurately cut complex shape materials, the cutting of the material just do polished.


Drilling Punch: Acrylic is determined by the position of the drawing on the good, and then locate the punch.

CNC Drilling: use machine drilling is very convenient, we just used the computer by drawing the diagram above dimensioned to do on the computer inside the input to the CNC machine, the machine will run automatically performed work.

Customers need the product quality requirements for products that do the polishing process, this process is through the traditional grinding, polishing cloth round to achieve.

Polishing methods are: 1. The traditional cloth wheel polishing method 2. Method 3. Fire polished diamond polishing


Acrylic bending can be different in several ways, can be multi-block acrylic sheet on a bending machine and stereotypes were bending mold qualitatively. The vast majority of bending just a single line or parallel lines, bending, bending angle can be controlled according to its stereotypes die angle.


Assembly is not made with knowledge, it is a combination of a series of multiple fittings and the like, as a complete product. Final product quality testing, determined correct, the product packaging factory.


Traditional metal plate technology features: an endless supply of Chinese traditional metal craft, touching material life energy use and living habits in many aspects, and varieties of complex, highly characterized by the same ministries.
??????Now we are from art, culture to clarify these two aspects characteristic of traditional metal crafts.
??????Artistic Features: traditional metal craft art was neither simple, nor is it a simple skill, not the same metal through different processing tricks, technology program, which can produce a different visual aesthetic and tactile beauty. US Metal craft of the material beauty, arts, crafts, artistic beauty contact.
??????Civilization Features: Traditional Metal Craft is a valuable resource before history. Art is to find the origin of civilization in constant regression. However, signs of metal craft tradition is the "root", is organized civilization. In today's information superhighway open, In the final hand of the inheritance and modern depicted metal technology has become an important issue open.

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