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Sandblasting process metal signs

1, blasting metal plate production before processing stage:
???????That pre-treatment stage blasting process means for processing a workpiece before it is sprayed, spraying the protective layer, the surface should be carried out. The quality of treatment before the blasting process, affecting the coating adhesion, appearance, coating resistant to moisture and corrosion resistance and other aspects. Pre-treatment work do not, corrosion will continue to spread in the coating, the coating into pieces off. After the surface of the workpiece and a general clean-up carefully clean simple, with the exposure method of coating comparison, life can be a difference of 4-5 times. Surface cleaning in many ways, but the most commonly accepted methods are: solvent cleaning, pickling, hand tools, power tools.
2, blasting metal plate blasting process stages:
???????Blasting process is the use of high-speed jet of compressed air powered beam is formed, the spraying materials such as high-speed jet to the surface to be treated, so that the appearance of the outer surface of the workpiece changes, due to impact and cutting action of abrasive on the surface of the workpiece surface to obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different degrees of roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface are improved.

On screen printing signage company

Screen Printing Signage industry is one of the reform and opening booming industry, hundreds of thousands of existing businesses, including small businesses accounted for more than 90%.
???After decades of beating, successful companies have been in the industry based on the failure of enterprises have alternative livelihood. Research and Discussion on the small screen printing plate business development strategy, is not only a screen printing plate industry expectations of investors, but also the responsibility Screen Printing Signs enterprise workers.
???Investors of screen printing plate industry, mostly in the industry, "regular customers", although their age, cultural background, entrepreneurial base is different, but the similarities are confident and optimistic, promising good prospects for the screen printing plate industry development . The past 20 years, China's small screen printing signs corporate investors can be divided into seven categories, namely state-owned screen printing signs outside the business owners, corporate sales personnel, joint-stock enterprises fission shareholders, professional and technical personnel, screen printing signs corporate employees, industry Investors, Students independent entrepreneurs. How to nurture and develop small screen printing plate business, it has been a problem the author more concerned.
???10 years, the author intends to expand the number of business surveys, set many enterprises experience and lessons from the get some inspiration, so initiate hope will be beneficial for the development of enterprises.
???1. choose the right product mix screen printing plate products has been formed dozens of series. If the investment in enterprises, must choose the right product mix, should not blindly follow the trend. Start-up enterprise funds and technical forces are relatively weak, should be on the short, flat, fast or characteristics of the product, the industry's successful companies are mostly combined length, with short raise long, long sought to get to greater development.

There are two basic functions of a stainless steel plate

First: Signs tagged with warning role, metal plate signs mainly to the performance of its visual effects. For example: words convey, it is a symbolic token, directions, implied more.
????Text styles can show personality, background, meaning. Form and sign with a symbolic representation and tectonic significance.
Second: Signage is an information transmission media, which has advertising, warning functions.

Signage color machine introduced

Metal plate production process there is a necessary step, and that is color. Color might use a tool that is metal colored machine, it can be said that metal plate electrophoresis machines, electronic color machines, electronic coloring machines.
??This device is the sign industry in recent years, it emerged from the working principle to supplies and coloring methods are new signs color equipment, signage color technology is one of the most significant innovations ever, with its excellent quality, excellent performance and make People amazing speed, appeared to praise signage industry attention and users.
??Metal signs, the industry has done is generally known, metal signs generally are required to have the bump effect, this aspect is to make the sign of a certain three-dimensional and layered, but the main thing is to avoid frequently wvels drop too glue job was to be dry.

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