Powder Coatings Use For Auto Motor Parts

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FR-5180 RAL5017 Trffice Bule Flat Gloss Powder Coatings Use For Auto Motor Parts

Powder Coatings use for Auto / Motor parts
ProductName PowderCoatings use for Auto / Motor parts
RAL Value RAL2008
Model FR-4193
Brand Fair
Powder coatings Price 3.0-5.0 USD/KG
Loading Port Tianjin Port
MOQ 1100kgs
Surface Appearance Flat-gloss
Product Application This powder can be used in the Auto or Motor parts,Bicycles frame, Electric Tricycles parts, Wheelbarrows parts etc.
Our powder coatings is widely used in household appliances, sports equipment, auto & motor parts powder coating, machinery & office supplies, metal doors,bicycle powder coating and other industries.
Product Features Good mechanical performance,good levelling property,long term weather ability,Shock proof.
Physical Property Curing temperature 190℃x15Min
Surface hardness 1 H-2 H
Bending Test ≥2mm
Adhesion Test----
Crossing Methord 100%
Iron Shock Methord 1 kg iron tamp from 50 cm Height
Lab Text Data Salt spray Test More than 400 hours
Aid resistance Test More than 400 hours in the 5% HCL
Alkali resistance Test More than 400 hours in the 50% NaOH
Gasoline resistance Test More than 400 hours in the 120# Gas
Weather-ability Test More than 36 months
Applying Condition (How to use powder coatings) Pre Treatment: Phosphated Chromated or shot blasting for clean workpiece surface dust and rust.
Coating method:Corona electrostatic sprayingcoating
Packing & Storage Net weight: 20kgs per paper carton with plastic inner layer.72 cartons total N.W.1440kgs,G.W. 1520kgs Per Pallet.10 Pallets per 20’ FCL.
Thewarranty period is 12 months when the powder coatings in the dry room, good ventilation, temperature is lower than 30℃,avoid direct in sunlight.Out off 12 months,the products still can be used after testing data still meet the standard data.
Health and Safety There are no hazardous ingredients in all the raw materials of powder coatings and no hazardous gas will be released while using.However,the inhalation of dusts should be avoilded.
An operator should wear an anti-dust mask and try best to avoid long-term contact with the powder coating.Those coatings sticked on the skin should be washed by soap.
Series of Product Fair Group is the biggest Powder Coatings Manufacturers in China Northern market.We provide all of colors polyester powder coating in RAL values.We accept the customers customized as your samples. Many of patterns and lustre you can choose, plain, hammer, Orange, pattern, Matte, semi gloss, flat gloss, high gloss, there must be a kind of powder coatings colors for your product.
Our powder coatings select the high performance polyester resin, epoxy resin, TGIC and other raw materials.It owns traditional color, excellent weather-ability, good adhesion. Fair brand powder coating add brilliance colors for your project.
The usage of FR-4193 Powder coatings /

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