alkaline colloidal silica for battery

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  • Minimum order:1
  • FOB Price : USD $500.00 / Piece

1, silicon sol with larger adsorption: colloidal silica in the countless micelle of numerous network structure of pore, under certain conditions has a certain adsorption of inorganic and organic compounds.
2, colloidal silica has a larger specific surface area, specific surface area is 250300 square/g.
3, silicon sol has good cohesiveness: because of the micelle size uniform, and around 1020 nm, its dry produce certain bonding strength, but strength is small.Put some kind of fiber or granular materials such as silicon sol, and then drying curing can into hard gel structure and generates larger adhesion (usually around 46.7 Kg/cm2).
4, silicon sol has good temperature resistance
5, silicon sol has good hydrophilicity and abhorred oily: can be diluted with distilled water to arbitrary concentration, and with the increase of the degree of dilution stability enhancement.But with organic or in a variety of metal ions, and can produce hydrophobic nature.
6, silicon sol is "highly decentralized" "good abrasion resistance and good" light "and so on.Therefore, can be used as a good "dispersants" "preservative" "flocculant" coolant "and" special "optical materials" and so on.

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