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As is the use of alkyd, phenolic and other synthetic resin as binders, adding some pigments, additives made of special ink. Preferably this ink printability, and air-dried at 120 ℃ print conditions

Bake 2 hours to dry. Its bright surface of the ink film, three-dimensional, with excellent adhesion and wear resistance of the aluminum plate. This ink ink film with JM-l-type abrasion tester to test the film, 7509's Load

Rubber wheel grinding pressure up to 500 times with a cloth round grinding up to 5000 times.
If the screen color signs, reference may be colored with ink printing ink color samples related transfer ink should add the right amount of varnish and desiccant. Ink drying agent added is about 5 to 8% of the total ink, plus less

Easy to dry, plus much more affected the adhesion of the inks.
4, the quality of the metal printing plate requirements. Signs silk screen text, scale, graphics, and color should be consistent with the positioning hole drawings, finished surface should be no scratches, stain adhesion, ink film should

Meet the requirements.

Analysis of technological features and name signs

In various nameplate production, often require different types of guests encountered signs (also known nameplate). Type and process signs there are many, here are some common signs of its technological features to make a

brief introduction.
The first is a screen printing plate, metal-printing signs, plastic screen printing plate, acrylic silk screen signs. Screen printing plate having a very wide range of adaptability, and more for plastic panel above, such as speaker panel, machine

Material:Metal,Aluminum,Anodized Aluminum,Brass,Stainless Steel,Polycarbonate,Polyester,Vinyl.

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