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Wrapping paper fiber pulp production process
Fiber pulp is chemical separation methods to make the most of the plant stalks fiber cladding was prepared to take out the pulp. Fiber pulp production method is based on the corresponding chemicals to dissolve the lignin and other substances. Thus, the fiber pulp is maintained at substantially the length of the original lignin-free fibers, and fiber and has high strength and elasticity. Preparation of fiber pulp material is coniferous and broadleaf species, or straw, reeds and the like. Fiber pulp production, there are two basic methods, namely kraft and sulfite. Preparation of sulfite pulp fiber, is cooked in acidic medium prepared. When sulfite production, the raw material is preferably a resin containing a small white pine and conifer species eleven shirt, and broad-leaved species of poplar is the best person. Sulfite pulp fiber, since whiteness itself, can be used for production of packaging paper and paperboard, because they need to have good printing conditions. In the production of cardboard, paperboard is mainly used in the surface layer.

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