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between the interlaminar shear strength, and fiber pull the case when damage occurs, the same untreated carbon fibers have similar forms of damage. So I did not think such a weak acid groups chemically bonded with resin, increasing interlaminar shear strength is due to a certain extent, improved wettability results. Cooking acidic medium prepared. When sulfite production, the raw material is preferably a resin containing a small white pine and conifer species eleven shirt, and broad-leaved species of poplar is the best person. Sulfite pulp fiber, since whiteness itself, can be used for production of packaging paper and paperboard, because they need to have good printing conditions. In the production of cardboard, paperboard is mainly used in the surface layer.

Production and application of chemical pulp coated paper raw material
Production and application of chemical pulp coated paper raw material
Chemical pulp, chemical pulp is pre-heated and chemically treated wood was pulverized and made. Because of this process, weakening the links between the wood cells, which when ground it is easy to separate them grow thin and flexible fibers.
Chemical pulp and bleached pulp, pulp qualities distinguish, primarily using A Stella timber. Chemical pulp is used to make various types of wrapping paper and packaging board. Chemical pulp own performance, between the higher and ordinary wood pulp bleaching rate of non-bleached pulp.

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