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gravure printing), in addition to fully explain the product's performance and use, but also can fully reproduce lifelike image of the product. Thus, sales of paper packaging has become a powerful merchandising assistant, a "silent salesman." Small paper bags take up space, exhibition display timely and convenient, good printing decorating effect, the product of a significant protective effect. Folding paper bag suitable for fully automated mass production. Automated packaging machine flatbed bag upright molding, filling and sealing products, consisting of a continuous production line. Its packaging production efficiency of up to 100 per minute. Fold the paper bag can accommodate most beneficial product packaging requirements, extremely versatile. A typical manufacturing process of this paper is a printing and die cutting trimming a dry fit. Empty paper bags are usually supplied in the form of plates, to maximize space savings, reduce transportation costs. Certain size and paper use, usually with the corresponding packing machine (filling and sealing) supporting use. Take automated assembly line production of cardboard stiffness; requirements, thickness, size and other parameters crease and more accurate, good high degree of standardization 4, to adapt to high-speed automated production.

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