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With oil paper bags of food to avoid high temperatures for too long
Water and oil bag is also a high risk, experts said, like popcorn, deep-fried in oil and other commonly used paper bags, some will add perfluorocarbons, but the case of high temperature, perfluorinated release bitterness, long-term consumption, studies have found that the island , there is cancer crisis.
According to reports, shawarma, fried tofu, night market many common snacks, will use oil to bag packing, if super waterproof, experts say it may be necessary to care more toxic, and that the paper tableware secure people, pay attention, it is also marvelous.
To cool off take lunch microwave, many people will do, but look at the so-called made of paper, how smooth surface like a film package, water drops grunge bright slide, do not you think it strange?
Chang Gung Memorial Nephrology physician Yanzong Hai: "there are a membrane, some are and some are edible wax PE film, placed directly inside the microwave oven heating, may exceed 50 and 60 degrees, toxic substances may also be released."
It is understood that in order to avoid paper tableware water softening, most of the surface will be used, PE lamination or wax components, if placed in a microwave oven heated to high temperatures above 60 degrees, it is possible to release a long-chain hydrocarbon, is a kind of oil than even substances oil, easy to accumulate in the blood vessels inside, leading to cardiovascular disease.

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