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Oil bag Product Knowledge Center
Oil bags used to package a variety of goods. In addition, the paper also packaged into pieces of products (newsprint, insulation products, a detergent, bottles). Depending on the manufacturing side and the structure of the paper can be divided into the following basic forms:
Sewing open paper bag rectilinear cylindrical cross-section together dry paper, paper tube is stepped cross-section of an adhesive paper bags, paper bags sewn seal.
Structural features of pocket - open type or sealed type with a flap. This is selected by the manufacturer of the device, the use of equipment and process packaging plant sector, as well as the corresponding paper manufacturing process and the type of packaging of the product being determined.
Bottom seal bag and knot characteristics - bonding or sewing, which is by the nature of the use of paper bags, craft and production equipment manufacturers of the decision.
When manufacturing paper bags, bags of cylindrical cross-sectional shape characteristics - straight edge or side of the ladder, by paper strength index, process and manufacturing equipment manufacturers of the decision.
The main characteristics of the physical-chemical properties of the paper bag and determined purpose is to make the technical characteristics of paper used in the paper. In the Soviet Union national standards and technical research reports for the different characteristics of the composite layer of paper, generally given for a variety of paper properties. Depending on the type of material used paper bags, paper bags can be divided into the following categories: impermeability, moisture (water treatment and processing of asphalt) paper, there is spinach film cap layer paper bag with a film sandwich bags, wrinkles and bags more enhanced bag, special paper bags.
According to the number of layers of paper material, it can be divided into double, three, four, five, six paper bags.

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