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Classification oil bag Composites
Classification oil paper composites, has not unified, generally have the following:
(A) by the component composition of the class classifying
Oil-paper composite consisting of matrix and dispersion materials (reinforcing materials) and other components of the composition, and different kinds of substrates can be dispersed material composed of different composite materials, composite materials for the typical generalized classification.
Categories summed up can be written:
1. Press the base material type classification
(1) polymer (resin) matrix composites: such as aramid / epoxy composites, carbon fiber / phenolic composites.
(2) inorganic non-metal composites: such as steel / cement composites, carbon fiber / ceramic composite materials.
(3) metal matrix composite materials: such as graphite fiber / aluminum composite materials.
2. Press the dispersed material (reinforcing material) type classification
(1) inorganic nonmetallic reinforcing materials: such as graphite fiber / v ceramic composites, boron fiber / metal composite materials.
(2) metal reinforcing materials: such as tungsten wire / high temperature alloy composites, drink wire / resin composite materials.
(3) organic fiber reinforcing materials: such as aramid / epoxy composites, nylon / resin composite materials.
3. The combination of homogeneous material composite materials: such as carbon / carbon composites.

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